CAD Section

CAD is an important section. Here all the consumption is done. With the measurement of the different parts of a garment by the help of CAD system software pattern & marker can cut or make. Here with the combination of the parts of a garment efficient marker can make for cutting purpose. By creating grading from one size different size can create by the software.

Our CAD division uses two software:

  • Lectra Software
  • Euro CAD software

Cutting Section

IMA is world's one of the best brand in Italy for Spreader & Cutting table that is used in our cutting section. Besides, X software has made our life easy for Pattern Designing System.

Machineries for Cutting Section

Machine Type Brand Origin Quantity (Set)
Stright Knife Cloth Cutting KM Japan 08
Rib Cutting PL Taiwan 05
Spreader IMA Italy 01

Sewing Section

We have state-of-the art sewing machines for versatile garment-stitching. We have computerized single needle lock stitch machines, Overlock machines, Flat lock machines imported from world class Pegasus, Brother Juki Companies.
We follow assembly line production and batch production systems based on the product for better efficiency in stitching.

Machineries for Sewing Section

Machine Type Brand Origin Quantity (Set)
Over Lock JUKI 5
Over Lock Pegasus Vietnam 36
Over Lock Pegasus China 132
Overlock-cylinderbed Pegasus China 04
Over Lock (Total) 177
Flat Lock-Flatbed Interlock Pegasus Vietnam 04
Flat Lock-Cylinderbed Interlock Pegasus China 15
Flat Lock- Small Cylinderbed Interlock Pegasus China 03
Chain Stitch-Interlock Pegasus China 06
Flatbed Interlock Pegasus China 13
Cylinderbed Interlock Pegasus China 57
Small Cylinderbed interlock Pegasus China 01
Flat Lock (Total) 99
Lockstitch thread Trimmer Brother, JUKI China 198
Lock stitch Edge trimmer Brother China 04
Single needle Lock Stitch (Total) 202
Lock Stitch Brother China 2
Lockstitch Button Holer Brother China 05
Lockstitch Button Stitch Brother China 05
Lock Stitch Bartack Brother China 02
Feed of the Arm Brother Japan 04
Multi Needle Chain Stitch Kansai Japan 05
Chainstitch pecot Kansai Japan 01
Lockstitch ZigZag Brother China 4
Total Sewing Machine 503

Human Resources

Criteria No of people
In charge 2
Supervisor 20
Operator 520
Helper 120
Cleaner 12
Computer operator 04

Finishing Section

BPKW Finishing section has been connected in line with sewing section where Product has automatically shifted to Finishing section after sewing work that added a huge advantage to complete the job within less timeframe with good quality.

BPKW has also two lines of vacuum-pressing tables with imported all steam Iron for crease free finishing and best appearance of the garments. Garments are steam pressed without shine mark for best appearance that lures end users.

Machinery for Finishing Section

Machine Type Quantity
Conveyor Type Needle Detector / Metal Detector 2 sets
Steam-Iron (Veit) 48 pcs
Iron-Table (Veit) 36 pcs

Human Resources

Criteria No of people
In charge 1
Supervisor 8
Final Quality Man 40
Final Measurement 20
In Line Check 40
Poly man 32
Carton Man 8

Packing Section

The Packing area is designed to keep away insects, dust and other foreign objects from the finished products.

Human Resources

Criteria No of people
In charge 1
Supervisor 3
Assistant 6