Company Policy

Employee Welfare Policy

Employee welfare and job satisfaction is the prime focus of the company which is why many policies have been implemented for the benefit of the employees.

  • Accommodations for maximum employees have been ensured
  • All employees / workers are entitle to free medical checkup at our company.
  • Free transportation available for all employees.
  • Each floor of the factory has sufficient supply of pure drinking water.
  • Each floor is well ventilated and has sufficient number of ceiling fans to increase good airflow in the factory
  • Each floor has sufficient number of wash rooms.
  • Each floor has sufficient lighting to facilitate production.
  • All the employees of the company are insured.
  • All the employees are entitled to overtime bonus, Eid festival bonus, house rent, attendance bonus and Friday bonus.
  • We kept a medical center as well where the in-house doctor looks at any sick employee.
  • Canteen available for the employees to purchase food at a subsidized rate.
  • The working hours are normally 8 hours per day with a holiday on every Friday, normally all our production schedules are made so that no overtimes are necessary, so that we get a fresh and rejuvenated employee every morning.

Safety Policy

  • The company strives to provide safe and hazard free environment for all its workers.
  • Every floor has sufficient number of modern firefighting equipment in case of any emergency.
  • Each section has a group of people who have been trained for emergency actions in case of fire hazards.
  • Each floor has a clear exit route which eases entry and exit of the workers.
  • Each floor has first aid boxes where sufficient medicines are kept in case of any emergency.
  • There is an in-house doctor who looks after the health of the workers and also alert for any medical emergency.
  • There is a monthly fire drill arranged by our very own firemen.
  • Each of the factory floor has emergency exit staircase.
  • There is a heavy duty FG Wilson generating unit (600 Kva) to ensure smooth uninterrupted production.

Recruitment Policy

  • This company strictly adheres to "100% child Labor free" policy.
  • This company encourages female employees to apply but does not adhere to any gender discrimination.
  • Wherever possible recruitment is made internally so as to increase job satisfaction by means of expectation of growth in this company.
  • The loyalty of the employees is higher in this company because they grow as the company grows.
  • There is an in-house training of operators which reduces the risk of shortage of skilled operators.

Social & Environmental Accountability Policy

We, as a group are aware of what impact we have on our society and environment. For this reason, we make our employees aware of social responsibilities and how to lead a better life. We strive to make our society and environment a better place.

Wastes utilization in the textile industry is gaining vital importance in the textile industry as international legislation are also to come into force in our country. We also make sure that we recycle what we can and dispose of our wastage in an environment-friendly manner. Our aim is to recycle 60% wastage by mid 2014.

Our Training

Quality Training

  • 100% goods are checked for quality before shipment.
  • As we have own spinning section, we start the quality test at the time of purchasing cotton, then eventually yarns are lab-tested for pilling resistance, color fastness etc.
  • On arrival at our warehouse all colors are checked for any deviance from approved shade injuries and accidents related with garments.
  • Production only starts after buyer's approval on size-set sample.
  • Each section needs prior approval on quality before starting production from our design section.

Housekeeping training section

  • Our housekeeping and maintenance team are given weekly training on modern ways of doing their job.
  • We also train our employees so that they also feel connected with the whole process.

First Aid Training

  • There are in-house certified doctors and nurses.
  • Training sessions are held with groups of workers.
  • Specific training are given for most common injuries and accidents related with garments.

Pre-Training Session

PPE training sessions are held by trained HR professionals regularly.

Fire Protection


We have constructed Fire-fighting substation to get any fire related situation in control within short time with less massacre.

  • Monthly Training is given to workers on how to prevent fires by making them aware of the most common sources of fire; in addition to that, we also have a week fire drill compulsory.
  • Compulsory maintenance of all electrical devices are carried out on a quarterly basis.
  • Certified firemen are always inspecting the premises round the clock for potential fire hazards.
  • Each floor of the factory has sufficient supply of pure drinking water.
  • The factory area is declared a no smoking zone.


  • State-of-the Art fire detection system from the 'LIFECO , UK' has been installed in the factory. Smoke and heat detection with 20-zone control panel has been setup to pinpoint the source of fire.
  • Compulsory maintenance of all electrical devices are carried out on a quarterly basis.
  • Certified firemen are always inspecting the premises round the clock for potential fire hazards.
  • The factory area is declared a no smoking zone.


  • CO2, ABCE powder, foam etc are strategically placed so that those are easily visible and accessible.
  • Fire suits, Mask, Lock cutters, Axe, hook etc are also kept for emergencies.
  • State-of-the Art fire hydrant system has been setup by LIFECO, UK with engine driver fire pumps, enough internal and external hose pipes and fire brigade
  • Instant Power Supply as well as 24-hr standby generator (900 KVA) from Wakesha UK.