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World class production facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and the highest quality raw material ensuring only products of the highest standard.
We produce:

  • Polo Shirt, T-Shirts, Tops.
  • Individual performances can be monitored and incentives offered.
  • Sweatshirts, Trouser, Pant.
  • Kids Bodies, Romper.
  • Jackets, Vests.
  • Ladies Blazer.


We are specialized in knitted fabrics in 100% Cotton, Cotton-Polyester Blends, Cotton-Viscose blends, new fiber/yarn as blended bamboo/cotton, Mélange, Organic Cotton, Modal with or without spandex, Single Jersey, Lycra single Jersey, Lycra rib, Interlock, Pique, Lycra pique, Single Lacoste, Double Lacoste, Honey comb pique, 1*1 rib, 2*2 rib, Variegated rib, Weal, Flat back, Pointal Jacquard, Fleece, French-terry, Feeder stripe, Engineering stripe.

ERP Solution

We use BRIDGE which is one of the largest ERP solutions for smooth running of entire business cycle from sales processing to supply chain & inventory management, production planning, bill process, finance & budgeting. This ERP system helps us in efficient decision making & makes entire process transparent.

Electronic Ticketing System (ETS)

  • It allows high productivity.
  • A high level of labor utilization can be achieved and helps in reducing time and cost.
  • An uniform high quality of work can be ensured by in-process control.
  • Laborers of all levels (unskilled, skilled, semi-skilled labors) are involved in this system where the operations are broken into simple operation. Hence the cost of labor is very cheap.
  • Individual performances can be monitored and incentives offered.
  • Due to bundle system, less chance to lot mix-up, size and shade variation of cut garment pieces.
  • Tracking of bundles is possible, so identifying and solving the problems becomes easy.
  • An efficient production control system and quality control system could be implemented.
  • Small bundles allow faster throughput unless there are bottlenecks and extensive waiting between operations.

Production Process

CAD Section

CAD is an important section. Here all the consumption is done. With the measurement of the different parts of a garment by the help of CAD system software pattern & marker can cut or make. Here with the combination of the parts of a garment efficient marker can make for cutting purpose. By creating grading from one size different size can create by the software.
Our CAD division uses two software:

  • Lectra Software
  • Euro CAD software
  • Cutting

    IMA is world’s one of the best brand in Italy for Spreader & Cutting table that is used in our cutting section. Besides, Lectra, Version – 6 software has made our life easy for Pattern Designing System.


    We have state-of-the art sewing machines for versatile garment stitching With computerized single needle lock stitch machines, Overclock machines, Flat lock machines imported from world class Pegasus, Brother Juki Companies. We follow assembly line production and batch production systems based on the product for better efficiency in stitching.

    Inspection of Stitched Garments

    We do a three tier Quality Checking before a garment is packed. First one is end line checking second one is 100% visual inspection and third and final 100% measurement checking. This ensures the product is free of any defects and stains.


    BPKW Finishing section has been connected in line with sewing section where product has automatically shifted to Finishing section after sewing work that added a huge advantage to complete the job within less timeframe with good quality. BPKW has also two lines of vacuum pressing tables with imported all steam Iron for crease free finishing and best appearance of the garments. Garments are steam pressed without shine mark for best appearance that lures end users.


    The Packing area is designed to keep away insects, dust and other foreign objects from the finished products.

    Product Safety

    BPKW follows comprehensive needle policy in order to assure product safety.
    We use only azo-free dyes and environmentally safe chemicals in our products thereby assuring the best and safe garments for our valuable customers.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance Department

    The quality assurance department comprises of quality control lab and the quality inspection team.

    Quality Control Laboratory

    Our products undergo quality control tests at our ultra-modern quality control laboratory to ensure that the garments meet stringent specifications.

    Quality Inspection Team

    The quality inspection team comprises of trained and experienced quality engineers who inspect and ensure quality at every stage from yarn to finished garment.


    The lab is approved by SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services), Switzerland performing for various Tests. Tests are done as per ISO, AATCC and other International standards and Tests include SQTS.

    Power, Lighting & Electronics

  • Instant Power Supply as well as 24-hr standby generator (900 KVA) from Wakesha UK.
  • Fire suits, Mask, Lock cutters, Axe, hook etc are also kept for emergencies.
  • State-of-the Art fire hydrant system has been setup by LIFECO, UK with engine driver fire pumps, enough internal and external hose pipes and fire brigade connections.