The EU Ecolabel helps you identify products and services that have a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the extraction of raw material through to production, use and disposal. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Ecolabel is a voluntary label promoting environmental excellence which can be trusted.

The EU Ecolabel scheme is a commitment to environmental sustainability. The criteria have been developed and agreed upon by scientists, NGOs and stakeholders to create a credible and reliable way to make environmentally responsible choices.

From the raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and disposal, EU Ecolabel products are evaluated by independent experts to ensure they meet criteria that reduce their environmental impact. The EU Ecolabel is an easy way to make an informed choice about the products that you purchase, or the services that you use.

The scheme is voluntary, but hundreds of companies across Europe have joined up because of EU Ecolabel’s competitive edge and commitment to the environment. Customers can rely on the logo because every product and service is checked by independent experts.

Please explore this website to learn more about EU Ecolabel. If you are a consumer, you can use the ECAT Product Catalogue and Tourist Accommodation Catalogue to find EU Ecolabel products and services. If you are a business, check out our simple step-by-step guide to apply for the EU Ecolabel. You will also discover how the EU Ecolabel can boost your marketing strategy and provide you with economic, resource and energy savings.